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Book "History of ICC 60 Years (1955 - 2015)"


History of ICC 60 Years (1955 - 2015)

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ISBN: 978-3-9503336-3-3
72 pages.

For a scientific body the achievement of 60 years of activity is a cause for celebration, especially in these days of mergers and sadly in some cases, closure of professional bodies. In 2005 the ICC Association celebrated its 50th anniversary with the publication of a short history which coincided with the ICC Jubilee Conference held in Vienna (July 3-6). In the ten years since that meeting there have been some significant changes to the way the Association operates, with a continually increasing number of congresses, conferences and symposia either conducted or endorsed by ICC at venues throughout the world. We have also seen a massive increase in ICC's involvement in major EU-funded research projects. This has brought additional income but also increased responsibilities and a need for additional staff with a wider set of skills. In light of these changes, a particular aim of this publication is to bring up-to-date the record of all the significant happenings in the life of the ICC which took place in the past decade since 2005 and at the same time, to recognize the major achievements in its long history.

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